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Design Thinking is a methodology for practically solving problems and challenges, leading to improved innovation, strategic capabilities and processes. It emphasizes the needs and desires of the user in order to create a solution that is both relevant and easy to learn. This means better user experiences and easier routes to solutions.

Design thinking uses some of the tools that designers have been using for ages for coming up with innovative solutions by combining empathy, creativity and rationality to solve challenges especially in the face of uncertainty (in market or technology). This approach disrupts conventional thinking, spurs creativity and brings about new perspectives that lead to tangible results.

“The design thinking workshop with 2BM helped us move fast in the design process, doing what usually takes months to brainstorm, analyze and plan in order to deliver a prototype in just one week. We found out what works best for us, how the new technologies can be applied and what our users need from the application. It is very powerful to transform data and ideas into actionable prototypes in just 1 week.”

Ole Moth Madsen

Project Manager for IT and Business Systems, SKOV A/S


  • Cheaper, faster & better results
  • define the problem and then conduct rapid prototyping to gain stronger insights and uncover unexpected solutions
  • leverage empathy in order to effectively design to solve real business needs
  • transform data and ideas into actionable ideas
  • spark new thinking and navigate complexity


  • a workable prototype in just 5 days!
  • explore new services, products, technologies or business models
  • create a proof of concept – find out what technology and ideas work and what action to take
  • mock-up of an application to be built, features to be included & a more precise timeframe for development

2BM's Design Thinking approach

5 days to a workable prototype:

  • 2 days to ideation
  • 2 days for prototyping
  • 5th day – presentation of prototype

Multi-disciplinary teams – we bring to the same table the user, IT and business to spark innovative ideas and create user-centric solutions

Both vision and task driven – by combining storytelling, empathy, shared vision with agile development for a value-focused solution

Creating a wild, interactive and fast-paced – combining principles from analytics, technology and behavioural psychology

The tools: visualization, journey mapping, personas, mind mapping, brainstorming and rapid prototyping software

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