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About Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport (CPH) is the main international airport serving Denmark, southern Sweden and many other travelers from nearby countries. It is the largest airport in the Nordics with +26 million passengers every year (in 2023) and is one of the oldest international airports in Europe.

The airport is owned by Københavns Lufthavne, which also operates Roskilde Airport. The airport employs about 2,600 people (excluding shops, restaurants etc).

The Challenge

Copenhagen Airport was using a diverse set of IT systems to support their HR processes in the yearly HR cycle. This disabled them to run a head count report. With HR processes being executed in many ways across the company.

  • Performance Appraisal – Utilizing Word/Excel in many different versions, no consolidation established at point of kick-off.
  • Calibration: Utilizing Excel. Very small target group before the project.
  • Goal Management: No formalized process in place at point of kick-off
  • Compensation: Excel sheets sent to managers and consolidated centrally
  • Recruiting: Utilizing a web-based tool (no integration with other HR tools)
  • Learning/LMS: Utilizing a web-based tool (no integration with other HR tools)
  • Succession: Utilizing Word/Excel – consolidated centrally
  • 360 – utilizing a web-based tool (no integration with other HR tools)

The Solution

  • Strengthen HR’s position as a strategic partner to the business.
  • Change HR system focus from administrative to strategic, business and talent focus
  • Simplification of HR processes
  • Build a HR platform to utilize the full value of their business HR processes.
  • Gather all people related data in one place and to facilitate the usage of this data to make better people decisions
  • Streamline and automate their processes to make sure a maximum output is generated from a minimum of input.
  • Integration with SAP Master Data was of high importance.
  • Improve Manager information and self-service platform

To cope with the challenges CPH decided that SuccessFactors was the right choice and implemented the following modules in a number of phases:

  • Phase 1: Goals & Performance
  • Phase 2: Succession and 360
  • Phase 3: Learning & Compensation
  • Phase 4: Job Profile Builder and Recruiting

Before and during implementation CPH wanted to not only focus on the IT delivery and getting a new system, but also simplify and adjust their business processes, HR procedures and governance. CPH maintained this focus throughout the 4 phases, and they gained significant value (statement from System Owner) from having this parallel focus in the project.

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use HR Talent suite that has been easily adopted by employees and managers
  • Mobility-enabled HR processes
  • Gained control of the Goal Management process
  • What was previously three separate processes; Performance Appraisal, calibration, and goal setting is now one streamlined process, resulting in significant time savings for both system administrators and managers and users in general. These gains are expected to grow as the organization becomes more and more experienced in the full SuccessFactors suite.
  • Significant increase in the number of employees who has a performance appraisal with their manager.
  • Copenhagen Airport has gathered all employee data in one place, and all users follow the same standardized way of executing the processes in the yearly HR cycle.
  • Significant improvements in HR metrics and analytics across the suite, leading to better decision-making.
  • Instructions and training of managers is now done with a few short training videos.
  • Learning platform conforms to strict audit rules of employee certifications and training.
  • Succession is an entirely new experience – a shift from negative perception to wanting to be part of process.
  • Streamlined compensation process and increased data protection. Data flows to the right people, and only when needed as part of the bonus pay and salary adjustment processes.
  • Compensation processes was designed as a very simple and centralized process.
  • On-boarding learning programs significantly improved the new-hire experience and reduced man-hours spent on executing this training.
  • The SuccessFactors implementation lifted Copenhagen Airport’s HR.
  • Notification across the suite are helping to remind managers and employees to do their HR tasks, and via links it is easy to go directly to the place where action needs to be taken.
  • Copenhagen Airport also implemented 2BM’s SMART Photo Server for SuccessFactors, allowing all employees in the system to have a profile picture, significantly improving the user-experience.
  • Copenhagen Airport also implemented 2BM’s SMART Single Sign-on with deep linking, providing easy access to the entire SuccessFactors suite.
  • The SuccessFactors implementation was done with a full Outlook integration.
  • Two automatic interfaces were established between SuccessFactors and SAP Master Data.


Why 2BM?
“Without 2BM’s business sparring, we would have never crossed the finish line”. The implementation of SuccessFactors led to a concurrent development of our HR business overall, which has given Copenhagen Airport’s HR a significant boost. Today, we can say that we are a strategic partner to Copenhagen Airport’s core business”.
Henrich Krogsgaard

Head of HR, Copenhagen Airport

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