Naviair’s journey to SAP Fiori Launchpad

About Naviair

Naviair is an independent public company with approx. 600 employees located in Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands, providing safe and efficient traffic management for aviation. Their primary activity is air traffic control, where they daily make sure to guide aircraft safely through Danish airspace. In addition to aircraft management, they are also responsible for technical operation and maintenance, as well as the rights to the disposal of drones.

Naviair focuses on growth and safety and wants to promote mobility and accessibility in the skies. Their vision is to strike the right balance between capacity, service, and costs in favor of accessibility in Denmark.


The Challenge

Naviair was faced with the challenge that their existing solution in SAP Netweaver Enterprise Portal was about not to be maintained anymore. Moreover, the user interface was old and not very intuitive, which provided a poor user experience for their employees.

Due to outdated software, the SAP Portal home page was empty, and generally, it was not maintained. Therefore, some of the elements of the solution no longer worked, which resulted in the employees only using the portal out of necessity e.g., time registration. Some of Naviair’s HR processes were not systemically supported, which over time, made them difficult to comply with.

The administrative work around authorizations was time-consuming, and they experienced situations where employees either lacked access to necessary applications or had access to more than they needed.


”The employees had 50 applications instead of the 10 they needed.

Many had applications they could not use at all.”

– Jesper Stibolt Holmgaard


This created ambitions for a new and improved platform, as well as a wish for a more intuitive user experience using the latest SAP technologies and design principles.

The Solution

Before the actual solution could be initiated, the first part of the project was about analyzing Naviair’s existing SAP Portal and defining the needs and requirements for a new solution. In collaboration with Naviair, work was done on form and function to create interest in Naviair’s management, as well as to set the foundation for a later and ongoing optimization of existing processes. When the management approved the project, it could therefore be completed quickly within an ambitious deadline.

Naviair wanted to switch to SAP Fiori, which in addition to being more stylish and simpler in expression, is also easy to customize both for Naviair and the individual user’s needs. Based on the analysis, it was defined which applications should be in scope, after which these should be implemented 1:1 for the new platform. Primarily, it was applications within HR such as time registration, approval of SAP workflows, and employee information.

The central component of SAP Fiori is the Fiori Launchpad, from which all applications can be accessed if you, as a user, are authorized. The management of authorizations is role-based, which allowed Naviair to easily control what their employees should have access to.

Each application was set up as a ’tile’ in Fiori Launchpad and organized into groups to provide a better overview. Some tiles are static, and others dynamic with a counter that can indicate, for example, that 3 workflows are for approval. For this, two customer-specific themes were developed with Naviair’s logo and colors instead of SAP’s standard. A light and a dark theme were set up, which the user can change according to their own preference.


The Result

On September 1, 2022, Naviair went live with the platform, which has been well received by both employees and managers. All applications have been grouped in one place, and the new design backs up a platform that is more modern and user-friendly, making it attractive and usable in everyday life. Naviair receives positive feedback as well as a demand for new features, indicating that it has been a successful transition.


”We have had an experience of great success. We came from something old and tiresome to something that is really nice – therefore, the journey of getting there was not difficult…”

– Jesper Stibolt Holmgaard


Especially managers have benefited greatly from the new platform, where they can now easily and intuitively make approvals. A small but significant detail is a counter on the tile, which has meant that managers are not as behind in approvals, and far fewer reminder emails are sent out.

In addition, the number of hours spent on authorization problems has been reduced by almost 90%, as this can now be controlled at the role level and not, as before, on the individual user.

This is just the start of the journey. Already after they went live with the platform, new features have been implemented, and Naviair hopes to be able to improve the solution further in the future. In particular, they have the vision to make the platform mobile and look at how the applications can be used from different devices and still provide an optimal user experience.


Main Points

  1. The project could be completed quickly within an ambitious deadline, because, in the first phase, a detailed analysis was made and form and function were incorporated, which created the foundation for the solution.
  2. SAP Fiori was the right choice for Naviair, as in addition to being stylish and simple in expression, it is also easy to customize for the company and the individual user’s needs.
  3. The solution has been a success, and the new design helps to create a platform that is more modern and user-friendly, which makes it attractive and usable in everyday life.
  4. Naviair sees great potential with SAP Fiori and has already implemented new features after they went live.
Why 2BM?

“I am convinced that 2BM is the leading consultancy within SAP HR, and both in the business and in IT, we felt safe after the initial demos and workshops. The pragmatic approach made it easy for everyone to understand what our Fiori project meant for Naviair.

Throughout the project, deliveries have been made as agreed, and all the minor stumbling blocks – which always occur, have been handled professionally and without unnecessary costs. We have, technically, got what we hoped for, and the reception and use among colleagues and employees has been very positive – and keeps developing”

Jesper Stibolt Holmgaard

System Administrator (SAP HR), FT, Naviair

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