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2BM Mobile Work Order – solution for Railroad Service & Maintenance

About Banedanmark

Banedanmark maintains and renews the Danish railroads and ensures 40.000 departures and arrivals every day. 170 million passengers and 15 million tons cargo are transported every year and while Banedanmark is working on reliable train services today, Banedanmark is also in the process of expanding the railway to future needs.

The Challenge

Banedanmark is an innovative company who is constantly working to improve their processes. For railroad service and maintenance, it has been a desire via a new mobile solution to improve data quality, reduce the consumption of paper, provide easier access to up-to-date data, reduce travel time, and improve everyday life for the many technicians who work to maintain and improve the Danish railroads.

The Solution

2BM Mobile Work Order is an iPad application used by 600 maintenance technicians at Banedanmark. When working in the field, maintenance technician can easily get an overview, of all work orders assigned to them with always up-to-date information. Using the app reduces the technicians travel time and paper usage. All tasks related to a work order can easily be performed directly from the iPad ensuring accuracy in registrations. 2BM Mobile Work Order can be used in both online and offline mode and data is automatically synchronized with SAP. 2BM Mobile Work Order is built as a native iOS app with focus on great usability and performance. Integrations with SAP are implemented using the SAP Mobile platform.


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Reduce the consumption of paper and make processes easier.

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