A new mobile solution from 2BM Software helps Energinet keep track of potent climate gas.


About Energinet
Energinet is the Danish national transmission system operator for electricity and natural gas. It is an independent public enterprise owned by the Danish state under the Ministry of Climate and Energy. Energinet has some 1150 employees, and its headquarters are located in Erritsø near Fredericia in Jutland. The gas division is located in Ballerup near Copenhagen.

The main tasks are to ensure efficient operation and development of the national electricity and gas infrastructure as well as ensure equal access for all users of the infrastructure.

The Challenge

The gas SF6 plays an essential role in the Danish electricity infrastructure. Due to its excellent insulation, SF6 has been the preferred gas for decades to prevent sparking in power grid substations and other high-voltage systems.

But SF6 is also an extremely potent climate gas – approximately 23,500 times more potent than CO2, so one kilogram of SF6 corresponds to 23.5 tons of CO2 – and therefore, it is crucial for the state company Energinet, which owns and operates the Danish electricity infrastructure, always to have an accurate picture of how much SF6 is in use so that any leaks are stopped as soon as possible.

The Solution

This work has become both more accessible and more efficient thanks to a new mobile solution that SAP software specialist 2BM Software has developed for Energinet.

With a new, user-friendly mobile app, Denmark’s high-voltage plant technicians can immediately register their work with the insulation gas SF6. 2BM Software has developed the SAP-based mobile solution that streamlines Energinet’s work to contain the potent climate gas crucial for the electricity infrastructure.

The Result

Technicians report through an app.

Now, when technicians refill SF6 or perform other service work on plants with SF6, they immediately register their work on mobile or tablet in the solution’s user-friendly interface.

“The digitization of the technicians’ registrations gives us insight and an updated overview of our handling of SF6 much faster than before when we received Excel sheets and Word files and had to enter the registrations weekly. Now the technicians register through an app, which has almost turned the process upside down. We always know down to the gram level how much SF6 is out in the infrastructure and where it is. This is a big progress because the technicians who report usually work for external companies we have contracted with. They are on the move and have many tasks, but now we are sure to get the data and information we need immediately because it happens on mobile. This strengthens our efforts to distribute electricity to Denmark as sustainably as possible,” says Simon Madsen, Power System Engineer at Energinet.


Energinet uses the possibilities in SAP.

The new solution for secure management of SF6 builds on the 2BM Mobile Warehouse solution that 2BM Software has created to help companies make warehouse processes mobile and more efficient through scanning and interaction with an easy-to-use mobile app.

The SF6 solution is directly integrated with Energinet’s ERP system from SAP. Like other SAP customers, Energinet also uses the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), which combines data management, analytics, artificial intelligence, application development, automation, and integration in a unified environment that can be securely connected to external systems at customers and partners.

“Energinet is a good example of how a company can work to become more climate-friendly and sustainable by digitizing its workflows. Energinet was one of the first Danish companies to use SAP’s new, intelligent ERP platform S/4HANA. With the SAP Business Technology Platform, it is also possible for Energinet to open relevant services and parts of its infrastructure to external partners – for example, a technician working with SF6 – so Energinet can collaborate digitally and securely with other companies, ” the Director of 2BM Software Martin Pock explains.

Slight displacements of enormous importance

SAP wants to support the global fight for a sustainable global world by making relevant digital tools available to SAP consultancies and their customers.

According to 2BM’s CEO Lars Bork Dylander, 2BM Software’s SF6 solution for Energinet shows that software and the insight digitalization provides can make a decisive difference in situations where small shifts in consumption of resources have a significant impact on the climate.

“SF6 is of great benefit to our common energy system, and it is important to get all the good out of the gas by keeping it contained and under control before it is destroyed and replaced. But many companies, unlike Energinet, still do not have control over how much SF6 their various plants emit. And when you do not measure your consumption of SF6 accurately through your processes, you lack the insight to effectively limit emissions of this very potent climate gas. With digitization and a solution like this, you can register the essential data correctly the first time and analyze your data, so you get an overview of the handling of SF6 or the other climate gases we help our customers reduce emissions of,” says Lars Bork Dylander.


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