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3 Keys to Choosing the Best Provider for your Mobility Project

When a company identifies the need for a mobility project, it can be difficult to know how to select the best provider. For many years at 2BM we have been providing SAP-based mobility solutions. Our customers have identified the following capabilities as being most important to the ongoing success of their projects. We recommend that you evaluate any potential mobility suppliers in these areas:

  1. Help with making a business case.
  2. Proof they can deliver measurable outcomes within budget.
  3. Freedom to choose different support and development options.

Key 1: Help with making a business case

Find out how the SAP partners on your shortlist can advise and support you in creating a solid business case that you can fully understand and articulate to the various stakeholders. It is essential that you partner with a company who helps you to understand the vision of what is possible, so that you find it easy to sell in the idea.

For example, when delivering our SAP-based mobility solutions, we work with maintenance managers to help them understand how to present to their IT budget holders. Our advice includes how to talk their language and what aspects of the project to focus on to gain the IT decisionmaker’s acceptance quickly.

Key 2: Proof they can deliver measurable outcomes within budget.

When asking for budget, a strong business case is so, but it is equally important that you are 100% sure the SAP partner you select can deliver on that business case. What you need to look for is proof that they have done similar projects before and have done so successfully.

So, seek out their customer stories and references. Most partners will have customers you can call to discuss their mobility project in more detail. Take the opportunity to talk to them and find out whether they achieved their business objectives and if the technology provider was able to deliver within the stated budget and timeframe.

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You can also check if the SAP partner can offer a templated approach. For example, if they offer an SAP Qualified Partner Package you can be sure that their solution can be delivered for a fixed scope, budget and timeline. These packages ensure you get the main functionality you need, for less financial and time investment than is usual for a full SAP solution. You can then build out from the essential partner package as your needs change and grow.

Our mobility package, 2BM Mobile Work Order, has been qualified by SAP. We can implement it in 4-6 weeks, which is so much faster than traditional SAP. The price per user includes software and services and is approximately a third of the cost of similar mobile solutions from other providers. This also makes it easier to get company approval as an OPEX, not CAPEX, project.

Key 3: Freedom to choose different support and development options.

You don’t want to be tied into a specific provider forever. It can be really advantageous to be able to add a new feature, or some other customization, using your in-house SAP specialists, if you have them. Or to select another SAP partner to support your solution if you want to change in the future for price or service level reasons. So, make sure that each provider on your shortlist is offering you a solution which can be developed and supported by other SAP specialists.

About 2BM Software

2BM Software is a member of the United VARs network – the largest global alliance of SAP channel partners. The network covers more than 80 countries and gives our clients access to more than 7,500 highly qualified and experienced SAP consultants. Based in Denmark, part of the Nordics, we currently partner on mobile projects with other members in the UK, North America, Mexico and Canada.


Martin Pock

Martin Pock

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