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Lars Bork Dylander is the CEO and founder of 2BM which he started in 2000 to support forward-thinking companies with HR and mobile business solutions. Since then, 2BM has grown to become a full, strategic service provider based on SAP and related technologies, helping companies to streamline business processes and deliver tangible value across SAP and associated technologies, platforms and products.

Lars lives with his wife in the centre of Copenhagen and has four children, the youngest of which has just left home. Lars enjoys renovating their second home which is in a forest in Sweden with his nearest neighbour over a kilometre away. As a young man, he studied carpentry and says he never leaves home without his toolbox.

Lars’ journey to founding 2BM

After achieving an engineering degree, Lars got a job with Ernst & Young which involved working with various companies including Sybase. He went on to work as an SAP Payroll consultant with Scandinavian Airline system, and then transferred to Hyrdo in Norway where he worked for four years.

Mobile phones were just taking off when Lars returned to Denmark, so he and four colleagues started a mobile business. They called the company ‘Go Pinocchio’ because the puppet was wireless just like mobile technology.

After a while, Lars left with one of his Go Pinocchio colleagues to start another organisation, ‘2BMobile,’ (To Be Mobile) which focused on providing mobile technology to the Enterprise market. To finance the company, Lars also started up an SAP HR consulting group but after a few years, the emphasis had fully moved to consulting so they dropped the ‘Mobile’ from the company name to become 2BM.

In their early days, 2BM was mostly focused on HR as the processes and requirements were consistent across most industries. 2BM has continued to grow over the last twenty-one years, and now specialises in ERP and Logistics. The company has core competencies in ‘engineer to order’ and ‘make to order’ technologies and puts the mobile maintenance contracts through their subsidiary, 2BM Software.

They currently have a solution on the United VARs catalogue, 2BM Mobile Work Order which you can read more about here and they also have an SAP warehouse scanning app called 2BM Mobile Warehouse.

Lars Bork Dylander

Lars Bork Dylander

CEO & Partner, 2BM

Lars says of 2BM, “We want to be a good place to work and we really focus on having a good time when we are working. 2BM is all about being close and present in our colleague relationships and in our long-term customer relationships. When we say that we hold our customers at the centre of our focus, it’s not just words. We really mean it, and it’s something we translate into action.

“We consist of many individuals and specialists who are incredibly passionate about what they do, and all of whom are assessed separately on their performance. We hire only the best – or those who have a clear and strong ambition to be the best. These are specialists who know your industry, and who know the requirements for both well-functioning IT solutions and well-functioning workflows”.

Being a member of United VARs for global collaboration and knowledge-sharing

Without having a presence outside of Denmark, 2BM was struggling to service their global customers. Lars says, “We are strong in our local market and have no problem travelling around the world at that time, but we were still local. The collaboration with United VARs is a fantastic asset for a company like 2BM because suddenly we have global reach, global colleagues, global collaboration and with this comes knowledge-sharing. Now it doesn’t matter what part of the world our customers are in, we are able to service them well because we can reach out to a United VARS SAP partner to get the local knowledge whenever we need it”.

2BM is working closely with a number of United VARs members, including Illumiti and SOA People. Lars says of the partnership with SOA People, “We are working closely on the software & maintenance where we have some of our own IP (Intellectual Property) within executing work orders and the collaboration with SOA People is fantastic because they have their own IP within planning. These two things come together fantastically so our offering to each of our customer bases is much stronger”.

Lars is keen to strengthen the partnerships within the Nordic members of United VARs, especially around sharing their knowledge and investment in digital marketing and educating customers around RISE with SAP and other SAP Cloud customer programmes.

The move to SAP S/4HANA

SAP partners in the Nordics and Europe expect the SAP S/4HANA market to become huge over the next decade and this is a focus shared by 2BM. However, Lars believes the marketing messages to customers in Denmark and the rest of the Nordics has been focused on upgrading before ECC goes out of maintenance which isn’t a very inspiring reason.

2BM is therefore communicating to SAP customers how AI can streamline and improve the way they do business. Along with other innovative technologies embedded within SAP S/4HANA such as predictive analytics and machine learning, can give actionable insights to organisations which gives them huge competitive advantage.

About 2BM

2BM is a leading IT consultancy of 80 people with SAP as the focal point and is the United VARs member for Denmark. As a full-service provider based on SAP and associated technologies, they deliver consulting, licensing, implementation and application management services.

The company strives to help organisations do business more efficiently and effectively. Their vision is to introduce tomorrow’s solutions and technologies into today’s workforce and to be a leader in the development of the future workplace and its processes.

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Interview published on United VARs CLG blog, 18 August 2021.

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