2BM Security Dashboard for SAP

Security must protect confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the system. With effective and user-friendly monitoring of SAP security parameters configuration, you can visualize differences between recommended parameter values and values customized in the SAP system.

GDPR and security: The inseparable two

Customers, employees, and partners entrust you with their personal data and you are obligated to keep them safe. If you are not in control of the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your system, all other GDPR measures become obsolete. The implementation of SAP security parameters and recommended settings is essential when you want to protect your systems and data from unauthorized access.

With the 2BM Security Dashboard for SAP, critical SAP security parameters are checked for and validated on your SAP systems on a periodic basis.



Includes security parameters

Pre-configured with 50+ high-risk security parameters, validated by PwC

Identify security risks

Enables you to identify security risks in your SAP landscape for elimination

Fast implementation

Implement in 1/2-1 day

Increase security on your SAP system

Increasing the security of your SAP system does not have to be time consuming nor expensive. The 2BM Security Dashboard comes preconfigured with 50+ high-risk security parameters that will help you pinpoint potential gaps between recommended parameter settings and your current settings. The recommended parameters and their values are based on validated input from PwC and our many years of experience working with SAP.


Download PDF

Download this PDF for more information on

2BM Security Dashboard

Key benefits

Low costs

Low TCO and low implementation costs


Keep your audit ready

Keep your audit ready at all times with real-time security parameter check


Fully customizable rule set

Monitor security parameters

Monitor security parameters important to your business within seconds


The 2BM Security Dashboard is part of the 2BM GDPR Suite for SAP. The complete toolset reduces the implementation and operational costs of compliant personal data administration. The analytical tools create an overview of the personal data and identify where the data is stored, and the operational tools help you carry out the tasks identified by the analytical reports.

All the tools are fast and easy to implement, and they are continuously developed using the insight from data protection agencies as well as our customers. With a long track record for developing IT tools, we have created a tool suite that puts you on the fast track to GDPR compliance.

Managing your SAP cyber security doesn’t have to be hard.

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