SAP GDPR Data Analysis

2bm Sap gdpr data analysis

2BM’s SAP GDPR Data Analysis provides companies with an estimation of personal data protection in SAP. Included in the analysis, is an overview of the costs and resources associated with the implementation of the required technical and organizational measures needed to ensure GDPR compliance on the SAP platform for six specific areas, down to the technical fields including the legal basis and the retention period documented for each type of personal data. This is necessary to choose the appropriate activities for the implementation of GPDR compliance in SAP. Based on this information, your company will be able to decide which approach best fit your needs when considering cost versus risk for each technical measure on each system.

With GDPR project experience gained from our work with more than 10% of Scandinavia’s SAP ERP customers, we have built extensive knowledge on how to tackle the complexity of GDPR compliance in SAP. This knowledge combined with analysis of your data, enable us to estimate the extent of needed activities across the platform.

With 2BM’s SAP GDPR Data Analysis, the following technical measures are investigated in detail and solutions are provided, either through our own 2BM GDPR Suite, SAP Standard or through our partners:

Subject Access Report

  • Can your company deliver a Subject Access Report in time upon request (30 days).


  • Are you able to provide sufficient documentation of Who, What, Where, When and Why regarding personal data in SAP? With our analysis and solutions, we enable you to monitor and act accordingly before an incident may occur.


  • With 2BM Data Discovery tool, extensive SAP knowledge, and experience from many projects, we can perform an in-depth analysis of your system and its data.

The analysis covers:

  • Over 1.000 tables from all modules are included out of the batch
  • All own developed tables
  • All fields from standard and own developed tables are analyzed concerning personal data or sensitive personal data
  • Total number of registrations for each field is documented
  • Total number of rows for each table in documented
  • ILM/Archive object pr. table identified
  • Standard deletion program pr. table identified


  • The Authorization analysis focus on access to edit and read areas with personal data. Authorization with access to personal data areas must be clearly defined to job descriptions and only assigned persons who need the authorization to fulfil their job. With the analysis, we will identify these areas and make clear recommendations to your existing authorization concept.

IT security

  • With our IT security analysis your configuration parameters are investigated and mapped against our best practice ruleset. Our ruleset contains over 50+ parameters and its recommended settings, all mapped towards GDPR Compliance. Through one of our partners, we also have the possibility to make the IT security analysis even broader, by utilizing 3rd party software, we can not only look at security parameters, but also code inspection and transport configuration. The purpose of the analysis is to detect vulnerabilities on the system and minimize the risk of these.

Data anonymization

  • Recommendations on how to scramble personal data when copied to non-production systems.

The approach for the SAP GDPR Data Analysis is defined by 2BM and is 2BM’s interpretation of the requirements in GDPR.

The technical measures investigated are 2BM’s interpretation of the requirements set in article 5 of the General Data Protection Regulation (REGULATION (EU) 2016/679) and other articles.

With the 2BM’s SAP GDPR Data Analysis your get:

A report with full disclosure of the results found in the analysis including:

  • Subject Access Report
  • Logging
  • Authorization
  • Deletion
  • IT security
  • Data Anonymization

Estimation of the implementation of each technical measure is based on the analysis

  • Manual approach
  • Best practice/Customer specific




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