Reduce risks concerning GDPR compliance with a toolset that reduces implementation and operation costs for compliant personal data administration in SAP

2BM GDPR Suite for SAP

The GDPR Suite for SAP consists of tools for analysis as well as operation. With the 2BM Security Dashboard, you get an overview of your security parameters in SAP. The suite’s Data Discovery tool assists with identification of employee data in every nook and corner of SAP, while the Subject Access Report tool lets you handle personal data requests easily by extracting data across the different SAP modules. Finally, the Deletion tool helps you delete personal data. The 2BM GDPR Suite for SAP covers all aspects of the GDPR and greatly reduces your risk of being non-compliant.

2BM Subject Access Report

Individuals own the personal data companies register about them and hold the right to ask for a copy of this data. With 2BM Subject Access Report tool you can extract personal data into a report quickly.

2BM Data Discovery

In order to handle personal data in accordance with the GDPR, you have to know where it resides in your SAP system. 2BM’s Data Discovery tool helps you with just that. 

2BM Employee Deletion

The GDPR states that individuals hold the right to have their personal data erased if a company does not have a legal reason to keep it. As an add-on to SAP, the 2BM Employee Deletion tool ensures a standardized and structured process for deletion of employee data.

2BM Security Dashboard

It is essential to implement SAP security parameters and recommended settings to protect your systems and data from unauthorized access. Let the 2BM Security Dashboard check for and validate critical SAP security parameters on your SAP systems on a periodic basis.

Low costs

Low TCO and implementation costs.

Best practice tools

Best practice tools that help you become GDPR compliant in SAP

Configuration made simple

Easy and simple configuration

Download PDF

Download this PDF for more information on

2BM GDPR Suite

The most necessary tools for GDPR compliance

The analytical and operational tools are easy to use and provide value for money. They are implemented quickly, greatly reduce the risk of being non-compliant, and help you document compliance. The 2BM GDPR Suite is based on our own best practice, and we continuously develop the tools to support our customers to become GDPR compliant.

Key benefits


Easy reporting

Easy reporting and extraction of personal and sensitive data in SAP


Low costs

Low TCO and implementation cost.



Brings transparency into personal and sensitive data in SAP


Development and improvement

Continuous development with input from data protection agencies and our clients


The 2BM GDPR Suite for SAP is a toolset that reduces the implementation and operational costs of compliant personal data administration. The analytical tools create an overview of the personal data and identify where the data is stored, and the operational tools help you carry out the tasks identified by the analytical reports.

All the tools are fast and easy to implement, and they are continuously developed using the insight from data protection agencies as well as our customers. With a long track record for developing IT tools, we have created a tool suite that puts you on the fast track to GDPR compliance.

 Compliant personal data administration in SAP can be done easily.

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Events related to GDPR & Compliance

Webinar – Subject Access Reporting in SAP

Join us for a 30 minutes webinar, going through how 2BM Subject Access Report for HR can help organizations speed up the process of delivering a Subject Access Report.

Webinar – SAP Personal Data Identification

Personal data identification is probably one of the most underestimated and complicated tasks to do in GDPR projects. Speed up the process with 2BM Data Discovery tool.

Webinar – SAP HR Data Deletion

Deletion of personal data is one of the more challenging requirements to come out of GDPR and many companies are still not prepared to handle data deletion. In this 30-min webinar, we will demonstrate how 2BM Employee Deletion Tool can help you speed up the process of deleting HR data.

Ny bestyrelsesformand til 2BM

En af de 100 vigtigste kvinder i Danmark blev den 23. april 2019 valgt som bestyrelsesformand hos SAP Konsulenthuset 2BM A/S: Caroline Søeborg Ahlefeldt, seriel iværksætter, CEO og bestyrelsesformand for Donkey Republic A/S og bestyrelsesmedlem hos Hartmanns A/S, Aarhus Universitet og Copenhagen Contemporary m.fl.

United VARs Annual Meeting 2019

The United VARs Annual Meeting is coming up, and we thought we would recap last year’s Annual Meeting!

Nordic SAP GDPR Conference 2019

Join us at the Nordic SAP GDPR Conference in Copenhagen. The conference will focus on insurance of continuous GDPR compliance in SAP. 15 sessions – speakers from 2BM, Danish Defense Intelligence, PwC, Onapsis/Virtual Forge and SAP.

Webinar – GDPR compliance in SAP

In a new series of 1-hr webinars, we will educate you in the different approaches to achieving GDPR compliance in SAP – including implementation approach.

Nordic SAP License Management Survey 2018/2019

The purpose of this annual survey is to provide SAP customers with information reflecting their maturity level in terms of SAP License Management and to shed light on how other organizations are tackling potential challenges related thereto.

GDPR Compliance i SAP – Nordic SAP GDPR Conference – 23 May 2018

Nordic SAP GDPR Conference in Copenhagen will focus on how to be GDPR compliant in SAP. The Keynote will be held by Volker Lehnert, who is responsible for the development of GDPR functionality in SAP S/4HANA including Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) and other tools.

Webinar – HCM GDPR Compliance in SAP and SuccessFactors

GDPR Compliance with SuccessFactors Privacy Center. Many companies are struggling to become GDPR compliant before the deadline – 25 May 2018. Join this webinar to hear how we are helping our customers become GDPR compliant.

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