2BM as your HCM-partner

Why select 2BM as your HCM partner?

2BM focusses on your business and your business conditions and business culture. We understand HCM as a business area and we have extensive experience in Guiding private companies and public organizations to establish effective business processes that will transform your HR department from administrative support to strategic business partner.

Experience from multiple engagements

2BM has assisted more than 100 companies in building effective IT solutions covering all aspects of Human Capital Management over the last 20 years with special focus on administrative solutions such as personnel administration, learning management, time management, compensation management, and payroll.

We have worked with large organizations helping them build their HCM solutions and assisted them during complex organizational transformations such as mergers, acquisitions, carve-out of parts of the organization to enable establishing separate organizations or to prepare for merging theminto new organizations.

Experience in Process Design

It is important to find the right balance between the HR department performing all data updates in the solution and the HR department not having any control at all. We have extensive experience in designing processes taking efficiency and compliance into consideration.

Using the modern tools, employees can update their personal data, and managers are able to update directly in the solution when changes occur to their employees – such as hiring new employees, recording leave of absence, promoting employees, transferring employees to other departments, and finally terminating employees’ contracts. We ensure that the employees and managers can operate the solution in an effective way with very high quality while HR defines the rules and are able to react on the updated data. This frees up time for the HR staff to become advisors and partners for the line managers instead of spending all their time updating data based on e-mails or other means of communication.

Mobile Solutions

Data er organiseret i separate vinduer, og et stort antal felter er foruddefineret med hensyn til både organisatoriske og personlige data – og data defineres som enten globale eller landespecifikke data. Det er en naturlig del af implementeringen at udvide løsningen med yderligere felter i nogle af standardvinduerne og endda skabe kundespecifikke vinduer til understøttelse af indsamling af data, der er speciel for din branche eller virksomhed.

2BM har bistået et stort antal kunder, og vi vil bruge vores erfaring til at rådgive om ikke kun hvad man skal gøre, men også hvad man IKKE skal gøre. Vi har set løsninger, hvor konsulenterne inkluderede alle udvidelser, som kunderne anmodede om – men det er ikke sådan, vi arbejder. Vi giver feedback og fortæller dig, om vi mener, at du gør tingene forkert. Hvis du insisterer, følger vi naturligvis dine anmodninger, men vi beder dig om at argumentere for ændringen først, og vi vil forsøge at sikre, at du forstår konsekvenserne af dine ønskede ændringer.


2BM has a long track record in making HCM data available for other processes and partner systems. We have e.g. built integration regarding the ERP processes at companies and feeding HCM data into Active Directory to ensure that employees gain access to company systems at the time of hire, and that the permissions are automatically removed when the employment contract terminates.

Our consultants are key advisors at many of our customers with complex IT system landscapes handling both security and actual data transfer between systems.

Human experience management

For 2BM Human experience Management is the next transition in HR, a transition that moves focus more to the individual employee and the experiences these employees goes through throughout their company lifecycle (from beginning to end of working for a specific organization).
For many Danish organization, it is a fairly big step to start doing HR explicitly focusing on managing Employee Experiences, and this transition will need to take place over time. At 2BM our mission statement is “that we create tomorrows workplace with todays technologies” and we believe that Human Experience from an HR platform perspective is very much about user experience, and taking the user experience to the next level. User experience, not as an isolated app or module, but user experience as a concept, and a framework that will allow employees and managers or whatever role you have in an organization, to always have the tools you need close by, and making sure that time spent on switching between solutions, logging in and finding the right data is minimized allowing employees and managers to do what they do best.
Therefore, a template will work as an accelerator to the implementation project, but the project will not be based on the template itselfbut on the uniqueness of every company’s DNA and the businessprocesses that create the real value.

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