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SAP S/4HANA: Always-On Business Functions

SAP S/4HANA: Always-On Business Functions

Most people probably know the option to enable Business Functions in SAP. Activating a Business Function means that a new “feature” is enabled in SAP.

Insights from SuccessConnect 2018

Insights from SuccessConnect 2018

Key insights from SuccessConnect 2018 in Berlin. We have heard about machine learning for a while now – but it is here and the first features are released in Q3.

About us

2BM is a leading IT consultancy with SAP as the focal point.

As a full-service provider based on SAP and associated technologies, we deliver consulting, licensing, implementation and application management services to our clients.

Since our startup in 2000, our goal has been to bring innovation, engagement and value to our clients. We greatly prioritize the cooperation and teamwork with our clients. Our exceptional knowledge within IT consultancy generate business value to our clients across technologies, platforms and products.

When partnering with 2BM, you get a locally founded partner with global ties. We are part of the world’s largest SAP reseller alliance, United VARs – a worldwide network of SAP consultancies represented in 96 countries. 2BM is the only United VARs partner in Denmark, and we are proud of our global alliance and of all the competences represented across local and global experts.

With 2BM, you will get a partner with a proven track record since 2000, a partner with more than 80 experts based in Denmark and 7.500 experts spread across the globe. Partner up with us, and we will provide you with business-oriented solutions that ensure your company’s improved performance