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2BM Mobile Work Order
Field Service technicians working on windmill

The solution mobilizes SAP Plant Maintenance or SAP Customer Service into a powerful and easy-to-use consumer grade app, based on the SAP Ui5 framework and in Fiori 2.0 design.

The app is available and optimized for Android, Windows and iOS.

2BM Mobile Warehouse Management

In 2011 2BM built 2BM Mobile Warehouse for SAP Sapphire which was based on SAP Unwired Platform and built for iOS devices. The customized solution mobilizes all key processes within SAP IM/WM and has optimized the workflow by enabling the workers to fully perform their work from a mobile device.

Qualification Check
Following regulations and checking qualifications can often mean a huge workload for organizations both from an operational and administrative perspective.
The 2BM Qualification Check Application helps you verify employees’ qualifications and certifications in the field, and notify managers if a qualification is absent or outdated.
Contract Generator

When the HR organization communicates with employees about employment and other important and/or legislation-dependent documents, it is important that the process and the documents are effective and without errors.

The 2BM Contract Generator is a tool in which you can pre-define contracts and processes with workflows. It is an easy-to-use tool which streamlines the processes between the involved parties and automates the data, which will result in less time used and correct contracts.

SAP Parallel Test

2BM has developed a parallel test concept that we use for testing new payroll systems. It is a solution 2BM has developed over the last 8 years where we can test the new payroll system against the old one. We are able to test every detail of the payroll system ensuring that your company and 2BM is confident the new system calculates correct pay for all employees before the system is set into production. Our parallel test concept has proven its strengths at several implementations and we have experienced go-lives with huge new payroll systems where the new system showed fewer errors than the old solution. This gives an indication of how strong we are able to test and the confidence that we can provide before taking the decision to go live.

Smart Photo Server

In today’s fast moving and globally dispersed organizations, building a collaborative culture can prove to be a challenge. New employees come in and others are transferred around the organization which hinders communication. This lowers the company’s adaptation and innovation capabilities.

2BM’s PhotoServer application automatically uploads the most recent employees’ photos to your SuccessFactors system and making it easier to recognize the right colleague you want to talk to, encouraging familiarity and easier communication.

Smart Single Sign-on SuccessFactors

In today’s fast evolving IT infrastructure and cloud technology, security and privacy plays a bigger and more significant role. With the evolution of security and privacy comes more complicated and time consuming logon procedures, that reduces productive time.

With 2BM’s Single Sign On (SSO) employees will automatically be logged on to your SuccessFactors system once logged on to a workstation. This makes it easier for employees to access SucessFactors, and removes complicated logon security procedures while still preserving a high level of security and integrity in the system.

SMS Service

● Send SMS through webservices

● Scheduled SMS-sending to groups

● Convert emails & send them as SMS

Third-party products

Mobile Analytics

Analyze & Understand user behavior in your Apps

At 2BM we want to help you create the best experience for your users and help increase the profitability of your mobile solutions. While the demand for mobile applications is increasing rapidly, the flawless user experience becomes essential, for your application to be used as intended.

IBM MobileFirst

Today, efficiency means thinking mobility into all aspects of your business. With an integrated mobile solution, employees have access to data and systems at all times – both online and offline. We call it instant access.

The IBM MobileFirst platform caters to both large and small businesses and budgets. MobileFirst makes it easy to deploy and manage mobile applications and mobile devices throughout the organization, moving the business from being mobile ready to being ‘mobile first’.

Nakisa HR Solutions

A global leader in enterprise business solutions for Human Capital Management (HCM) and Finance, Nakisa delivers innovative, forward-thinking and robust human resource and financial management solutions that advance your business strategies. It is available on premise and in the cloud.

With Nakisa OrgChart Enterprise, all employees can have a comprehensive, common and detailed view of the entire workforce.


SpinifexIT is a SAP certified product which can help you work faster, easier and more efficient with the daily payroll processes. It is designed to simplify and automate the SAP HCM Payroll processes in a user-friendly way.

2BM has extensive experience as a SpinifexIT partner and we can deliver, implement and educate your employees in these solutions within just 2 weeks.

Drive informed business decisions with intuitive organizational charts and dynamic reporting with Aquire’s OrgPublisher through 2BM. Bring together all your HR data, regardless of of its source, to capture and display content-rich workforce data. OrgPublisher provides you with up-to-date organizational charts and workforce reports. It easily accepts data from all systems (Oracle, Peoplesoft, SAP, reports etc.), bringing them all into one cohesive view and delivering pre-built reports with deep visibility into the information you need to succeed.



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